In the waiting, we can find peace and rest Although we have done all we can do to expedite this home study, we are now in a waiting period. Every person living in the home over the age of 18 must have background checks in every state which they've lived from the age of 18. Although Jode and I had all of these from previous home studies, my mother, who lives with us, has not. We are still waiting on two states. Once those are received, a final draft can be written. Thank you again for helping us pray this through!


For those of you that don't already know, Dalton's family is finally able to go get him!  We've been praying for, donating to, and advocating for him for 3 years now.  We always knew God laid him on our hearts for some reason.  Now we can share that story with him someday.  Inasmuch, and because this is not our first rodeo, we've made short work of the paperwork. 

All our home study (HS) paperwork and social worker visits are complete and our home study only waits to be written in a final draft and approved by our facilitation team and primary provider. 

All of our dossier docs, sans the HS ad I171h (USCIS approval which is contingent on receipt of our final HS) are completed, apostilled and headed to the next traveling family to be handed to the team in U.  So, now we get down to some serious fund raising.

Right now we have a t-shirt fund raiser created especially for those of us who sometimes feel like we're herding cats.  You can find it here.

We also have …


Fundraising can be quite daunting
In the past we've never been very successful at it, but God always comes through. That doesn't mean we still don't do all we can in an effort to do our part. So in that vain, below are several ways one can help our family bring these two home. Both of them have neurological diagnosis, so we're doing out best to get them home and to our neurologist ASAP. The paper trail is zooming by, now we need to raise the remaining funds. 

We now have five fundraising efforts going. The first is our SHOE DRIVE- for every pound of good, gently used or new shoes we collect, we will receive forty cents. This is contingent upon our collecting 100 bags containing 25 pairs of shoes each.
The second is our T-SHIRT SALE. A portion of the proceeds for every shirt sold will be given to us. It's a t-shirt I designed myself. I often tell my kids they remind me a herding cats. Thus the shirt Chief Kitten Herder! It would make a fabulous Mother'…


Adding another cutie!
This little love has been on my heart for over three years, and we are finally in a place where we feel we can bring him home too!

He and Katarina are from two different regions of their country, so costs will be a bit higher.  However, it's not the first time we have adopted from two different regions.  In fact, Katarina is from the same region as Leza, Nico and Emily, and this little fellow, whose pseudonym is Dalton, is from the exact same orphanage as Mikhail.  Go figure!  =)

We're looking forward to bringing them both home and watching them grow into the amazing people God created them to be!  The rest of our children are very excited about their new brother and sister as well!  This is gonna be fun!

Here's our updated family page.
God Bless!

Adoption Update

I wanted to give y'all an adoption update. As of today, our home study is as complete as we can get it. Everything required from us is in the hands of the agency and we are just waiting on our final visit, which is May 3. Once that is complete it will go to our facilitation team and then to our primary provider for final approval. Our dossier encountered a hiccup which will be easily rectified. We should have it complete, sans the home study and USCIS approval within the next week. We will be sending everything we have to Ukraine for translation by the end of next week. Once we have the final approved home study and USCIS approval, they will be sent to Ukraine for translation and then submission to Ukraine for approval. At that point, we wait for an appointment to come review the children's files and visit them. It's a very quick program. We hope to be there by summer's end, but we have learned to be patient in the waiting. Thank you so much for helping us pray this t…

Cooking with Gas

I love cooking on a gas stove. It's instantly hot, not waiting for things to warm up.  Food gets cooked quicker, more efficient.  Just like our paper chase for this adoption!

Folks, this thing is going a lot faster than I thought it would.  I'm totally flabbergasted that everything for our home study has been turned in, and that we already have 29 documents for our dossier.

In order to finalize our home study, which will then be included in our dossier, we have one more visit with our social worker.  It is scheduled for May 3.  Once that's done and the final draft is written, it will be submitted to Hand of Help in Adoption (our facilitation team) for review and then to Joshua Tree ( our primary provider that provides Hague oversight) for final approval.  That's the next step in this journey, finalizing the home study and getting it approved. 

Although we have already paid an application fee to Joshua Tree, we still need to pay the rest of their fees.  They will not app…

How do you eat an Elephant? UPDATE

Yes, an international adoption is a HUGE undertaking, and since I am a goal oriented person, I love my check lists.  They give me positive reinforcement and continue to keep me focused on that which has been accomplished and that which remains.  Each entity we deal with has their own check list and to keep up with them, I have to create mine!

In this adoption we are currently dealing with 5 different entities -

Hand of Help in Adoption - our facilitation teamOption4Adoption - our home study teamJoshua Tree - our primary provider that provides Hague oversightFunds2Orgs - a fund raising organizationReece's Rainbow - Adoption Support for children with special needs.
That's a lot of check lists!

Our most recent entity, Reece's Rainbow, and the first one, Hand of Help in Adoption, has been with us through all five of our international adoptions.  We trust them and are thankful to be making this journey with them again. 

Reece's Rainbow is a 501c3 agency t…