Monday, December 3, 2018

Merry Christmas to You and Yours

Merry Christmas to You and Yours 

I know, it's early, but with a house full of children, and a mother who loves to decorate, we've begun turning our home into a Christmas Wonder Land.  Although that's wonderful and much fun, it's also a little sad thinking of the children which cannot enjoy as much as ours will.  I guess it's all a matter of perspective really.
Inasmuch my heart is turned toward the children I visited, and fell in love with, two years ago.  Sierra Leone is far from a Winter Wonder Land, it's sweltering heat and lots of rain. The children subsist on rice and occasional chicken.  They haven't much and what they do have is shared among all that live at the orphanage.  But, they sing and dance  and smile the biggest smiles.  They are a blessing to behold! Being with them, spending time with them, helped me better realize just how prosperous we are as a nation and how much we take for granted.
This year, rather than purchase more for our children who lack nothing, we are going to take a little extra and bless those who truly need it.  Won't you join us in donating to the Children's Christmas Fund for Mama Mayila's Cradle? This isn't a large organization which has multiple churches competing to see who can raise the most funds.  This is a small nonprofit that has individuals like me routing for it because I have held these children, loved on them and know them by name.  I talk to them and have watched them grow.  They are orphans of the Ebola Plague which unlike many in their country have a safe roof over their heads, someone to feed them and school to attend.  This is all provided by people like you and me with private donations.
You can contribute to by sending funds via paypal and annotating “Christmas Fund” in the “Add a Note” section. The email to use for paypal is or or by credit card:
What we plan to purchase with the money is something they want, something they need, something the wear and something to read.  Believe it or not, all that would only cost about $20-$30 dollars US.  Can you help us?  Will help us? Your gift would be much appreciated.   

Merry Christmas with Love

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Least of These

In my last post, I introduced you to three precious children being cared for at Mama Mayila's Cradle in Sierra Leone.  Since then, I am tickled to say, we have had several inquiries about them. Liam now has a family doing their best to get him the medical help he so desperately needs! And Noah has a family pursing his adoption!  That's a BIG Praise the Lord! 

Today I would like to introduce you to two more Littles who also need help.  They are August and Sid.  

"August" is approximately 6 years old.  As you can see in his picture, August has a tendency to fall and when he does, he hits his head.  He desperately needs a helmet to protect him from further head injury.  He is also thought to have epilepsy and "diminished capacity." August was abandoned, and is in need of a loving forever family who can provide him the medical and emotional support he will need to meet his full potential. He really is a sweet boy.  Are you willing to take the leap to pursue him as your son?

This little pumpkin is "SID".  He's about 4 years old, a quiet little thing, but very attentive to that which goes on around him. He has two living parents, but they are unable to provide his much needed medical intervention.  Sid fell in a fire, and because he did not receive good medical care, he has much scaring from his burns. One of his hands healed so that it pulled backward in a flexed position and his fingers webbed together. He still has movement in it so there is hope. He is going to need reconstructive surgery.  We are hoping to find someone to sponsor him for a medical visa where he can receive much needed medical care and then return to his family with increased quality of life.  Are you the person to offer that help? If you are interested in finding out more, please let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

Both of these boys are in need of Sponsors.  For as little as $125 a month per child, you can provide for their housing, food, clothing and specialized care. You can partially sponsor one of them for $75 per month, per child.  Here's a link to their page. Just click on the child's picture.

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person - child - you can mean the world.  

Thank you for your help! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Helping the Most Vulnerable

“We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. 

They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. 
It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. 
But once you do, everything changes.”
~ David Platt

I've seen them.
I've held them in my arms. 
I've kissed their faces, and I will never forget.

The little bug on the left, the one in his handsome red shirt, spent most of a week wrapped around me.  I wore him in a sling made from a length of cloth.  And I love him with all that's in me.

These children are real, flesh and blood, not just stock pictures, and they need us - you and me.  In the midst of what you and I would deem a nightmare and abject poverty, they still deserve joy, peace, love and protection.  They deserve to giggle and play.  They deserve an education which in their country must be paid for.  They need food - that which you and I would deem meager fare, but is their sustenance. WE need to help them, love them and show them the love of God. 

We need to be Jesus with skin on.

What's that you say?  You can't go to Africa?  No, problem.  There are those who are willing to go and take that which you provide.  But I can do you one better, you can sponsor one of these children. For the cost of less than a Happy Meal a day, you can provide food, housing, clothing and round the clock care for a very vulnerable child.  

Let me introduce you to some of the most vulnerable which I had the honor of meeting.

Meet Noah. 
 Isn't he just beautiful? He's about 4 years old; we're not sure because we have no birth date for him.  That's not uncommon for orphans.  He's a quiet little man.  His whole world is quiet because he is deaf.  He was so lost and frightened when he first came into the center.  I'm sure he was quite confused.  However, he's been there for a few months now, and when I took this picture he was attending a school for the deaf.  Without sponsorship he is not able to attend.  Sponsorship of him, which would provide for his every need including school is only $125 a month.  You can find a link for him and other littles who need sponsorship here.

Then There's Baby Liam.  
He's about a year now.  When I was there in Oct, and took this picture, he was about 10 months old.  His head was at least twice the size it should be for one so young.  He did not wake while I was there, but moaned and tossed in his sleep. I touched him and prayed for him. He is in desperate need of a shunt to relieve the pressure on his brain.  This could be a life or death situation.  His country is not able to give him the medical care that he needs, but they are willing to allow him to come to the US on a medical visa to receive care.  If you are the one whom God is calling to help baby Liam, please email Hope 4 Ebola Orphans Charity.  You can also Sponsor him and other babies who need sponsorship by going here.

 This is Mercy

Like so many others, we are not quite sure of her age.  She's listed at about 12 but could be older.  At first she seemed like such a tough cookie, but when I made sure she knew that I saw her, asked her name and then taught her to sign "I Love You", she began to soften.  I even let her take a stab at braiding my hair!  For one who's had such a tough life, she still loves all things girly and pink is her favorite color.  Mercy is going to school, but without a sponsor that could come to an abrupt ending soon.  In her country, without an education, she has little hope.  She has no special needs, other than she's a teen girl who desperately needs to know she is loved.  Sponsoring her would be only $120 a month and if you are so inclined, or perhaps interested in sponsoring another girl, you can do so by going here.

There are also a few handsome boys who need sponsorship. I met many of them.  Every one had a beautiful smile and sweet heart.  You can find their sponsorship page here

Part of my heart walks around in Africa.  Trust me, getting involved with these children is one adventure you'll never regret. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Financial Transparency and Update

First Meeting 

Financial Transparency

Because so many of you are contributing to this adoption, I wanted to be as transparent as I can be with our expenses.

Spent so far
To date we have spent $7335 toward this adoption and still need to raise approximately $32,000. (details below) Part of that was costs for the first trip/Match Trip, which cost a total of $3435.  This included the airline ticket, visa, immunizations, lodging, in-country travel and food. Thank you to all those that contributed! My trip was amazing and the children are absolutely precious!

What's needed
We currently have an invoice from the agency for $12,900 which includes the Step One and Step Two payments and half of the Additional Child/Sibling Cost.  Of that $12,900 we have paid $1000.  The remainder needs to be paid as soon as possible.  To raise this money we will continue our fund raisers and grant applications.  Donations are always accepted and appreciated. 

Beach day
Next Steps
Our next steps will include filing the I600a with USCIS which gives us the approval to adopt internationally.  That cost will be $815.   And, we will begin building our dossier.  



As you can see from the pictures above, the children are very sad about my having to leave, so was I. Hunter cried every time I put him down and in these pictures, which I received yesterday, you can see the big crocodile tears running down his cheeks.  It's hard to see.  I miss them so much it makes my heart ache.  I pray for their peace and joy throughout this process and that mountains are MOVED! on their behalf to bring them home ASAP! 

Thank you again for helping pray them home, for encouraging us and contributing to this amazing journey!

With Many Blessing!

Monday, August 29, 2016



For those of you who followed our last two international adoption journeys, you're familiar with Reeces Rainbow (RR). For those of you who are just starting out on this journey, let me tell you that we are excited to once again have a family sponsorship page (FSP) through this not for profit ministry for children with special needs! When we first were matched with Clara and Hunter, we did not know that Hunter had special needs and therefore had not set up a RR account. Now that we know more about his needs, WE HAVE AN FSP, and it just went live today!

All proceeds donated to our adoption grant through RR are tax deductible and go towards the children's adoption costs. If donations are made via paypal, paypal charges a 3% fee. You can make donations via the button on the side bar or the link below:

If donations are made by check, 100% of the donation comes to us. Checks should be made payable to and mailed to:
Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 277 
Monrovia, MD 21770

Where we are on this journey

Our home study is final, and plane tickets have been bought.  I leave for Africa October 5th for our 1st of three trips.

Financial Transparency

For transparency sake, I'm going to list the costs below with those which have been paid in green.

Fee Schedule (for one child)
  • Application Fee $350
  • Step One Payment $5,025
  • Step Two Payment $5,375
  • Step Three Payment $5,375
  • Step Four Payment $5,375
  • Additional Child – Sibling Cost (full biological sibling) $5,000 
Additional Expenses (These are not covered in the Program Country Fees, and should be considered)
  • Home Study - $650
  • I‐600a Filing $720 + $85 per adult 
  • Child Sponsorship $100 a month per child (on going costs until we bring the children home)
  • Airline Tickets $1,400 ‐ $2,500 per ticket (1st trip purchased at $1400)
  • In Country Travel Costs $165 a day
  • Visa and Passport costs Est. $250 per adult 
  • Visa and passport costs for children (not yet sure of $$)
  • Medical exam for children
  • Post Placement Reports - $900

All told that's approximately $43,000 to bring the children home.  Adoption is expensive and on top of the costs, there are mounds of paper work, months of waiting, many hours behind the scenes making arrangements and much time spent on ones knees in prayer.  Adoption definitely is NOT for cowards!  

Thanks for helping us rescue these precious children and make them a part of our family!

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dalton - UPDATE (new picture)

See how much I've grown! 


See this precious little pumpkin?  He's beautiful and so young.  

Don't you just want to hold him and squeeze him and call him your very own? 

Well, you can!  Yes, he needs a Mommy and Daddy - a FAMILY

The Eastern European country where he was born allows for large families and older parents. 

 The process is much quicker than many other countries.  I have personally been there many times and it's a lovely place to visit.  

For more information

click on either of the links below

or you can contact Nancy Thornell at 

Please pray for him, share his profiles and let's find this precious pumpkins family!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Domenic - UPDATE (He has a family =)


He is precious. 

A beautiful baby boy born 2016 in Eastern Europe with designer genes.  He, unlike my Leza and Nico who were also born with designer genes, is available for adoption as an infant.  Do you know what being adopted this early means?

It means he wont lay in a crib with nothing to do but rock and stare at his hands for hours and days on end. He wont go without eye contact which would contribute to gaze avoidance and sensory and/or attachment disorders.  Instead he would get the hugs, snuggles and direct eye contact every child needs in order to bond with others and learn, among other things, to trust.

It means he can get the occupational, physical and speech therapy that my Leza and Nico did not get until they were 4 and 3.  For the last 2.5 years we have been struggling to teach our children things they should have learned long before they came home, the basics like eating, drinking from a cup, walking and talking.

It means his growth wont be stunted due to poor nutrition, and lack of human contact.  Our Leza and Nico are roughly the size of 3 and 2 year olds at the ages of 6.5 and 5.5.  We have other friends with designer gene bio kids and at roughly the same age, they are so much more age/size appropriate than ours. Orphans, for various reasons, often do not grow at the same rate as their peers.  

It also means he won't have institutional autism like my almost 7 year old Leza who just this year has finally, finally started coming out of her shell.  

I know sometimes there is guilt that comes with wanting to adopt a baby when there are so many older children available.  However, having done both, I can assure you both have their rewards.  If it is in your heart to adopt an infant, please do so.  Please rescue them so that they will have a good head start in life and not grow up to be yet another older child in need of a family.  

Reeces Rainbow Link