Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here We Grow Again!

Hi all, Yes, you read that right.  The Robinson family is growing again!
I've tried to add pictures of our beautiful darlings to this page, but blogger is not cooperating.

Here's a link to our Family Sponsorship Page (FSP) on Reece's Rainbow which will show you just how gorgeous they are.

Both of the girls we committed to this time have the same diagnosis as Misha and if you've met him, you know just how inspiring he is.  His accomplishments have encouraged us to pursue Aubree and Laelia.  Although they do have Arthrogryposis, the manifestation of it in their bodies is different than his. 

"Laelia", who is almost 2 years old, is only affected in her legs. We will not know to what extent until we meet her and get her to a specialist.  We are told that she is "a very beautiful and smart girl, affectionate and well behaved" by those who have met her.  Of course "Laelia" is her pseudonym and the name we have selected for her will be announced once we have passed court. 

"Aubree", who just turned 15, is affected slightly in her arms and more severely in her legs; however, her upper body is very strong.  She is currently in a wheelchair but has expressed the desire to walk.  We are hoping that once she is home, the specialists will be able to help her realize that dream.  Because she has been listed on the Reece's Rainbow website for so long, and in an orphanage for so long, many have met and fallen in love with her.  We will be keeping her given name, adding a middle name, and will let all know what it is once we have passed court.  You can read more about her here. 

We are very blessed and very excited.  Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support through this journey.

Jode and Kelley

PS - we have a $500 matching grant going on right now.  Every dollar donated to our FSP, also linked above, will be doubled up to $500.  Our FSP needs to read $2251.99 to meet this goal.  Please share, pray and donate!  Thank you!

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