Monday, September 30, 2013

HeBrews Coffee Fundraising

It's hard to find a fundraising effort that fits into our lifestyle and busy schedule.  But here it is! 

Jode and I LOVE coffee and wouldn't start our busy days without it.  When we heard of this opportunity, to sell coffee and raise funds for our adoptions, we knew it was the prefect fit.  A portion of your purchase will go to help bring Caius, Hattie and our "plus 1" child home
Now you can purchase YOUR much loved coffee and help us bring home our babies. 
Just click on the HeBrews Coffee link here or above and order away.  Remember, coffee makes a wonderful Christmas present for your coffee loving friends and family!  Buy a cute mug, a bag (or three) of coffee, wrap it in cello and add a cute bow. POW - easy peasy Christmas presents and you get to help rescue orphans too!
Thank you for loving our children home!
Jode and Kelley



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