Thursday, April 25, 2013

1, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, 1

That's what we've been through in the past two weeks.  We initially wanted to adopt one little princess and when that came to a halt, we found three precious princesses we would love to call ours.  Then we were presented with a handsome prince of a brother about the same time our home study agency said, but wait, we only want to approve you for two.  So, we said ok, knowing they have been doing this even longer than we have and therefore have wisdom gained from that experience.  However, we thought that perhaps we could reason together and possible still adopt the three, so we requested and it was discussed among those in authority with a possible maybe, but yet to be determined.  Then, come to find out, that our home study agency was actually asking DSS of South Carolina, who has to approve all home studies, if we could be approved for up to four additional children as long as those children had no severe mental or physical needs.  For the past two, three days that's where we've been - waiting on the verdict from South Carolina DSS . . . until this morning.

I started my day with an email time stamped 7:30 from our home study agency which said "Can I call you?".  I replied at 8:15 saying I was at my desk (I work from home) if she wanted to call.  At 9:30 we received a call that stopped me in my tracks and has had me in tears much of the day.  But before I tell you about that phone call, let me tell you about Saturday. 

I was resting around here still feeling what I thought were the affects of last weeks stomach virus from hell still feeling nauseas, dizzy and exhausted.  Jode was sweet and had the older two with him while Ian was taking his morning nap.  I gave myself a break and decided to lay on the sunroom sofa and just rest.  I remember thinking "If I didn't know better, one would think I was expecting!" But that's not a possibility so sickness it was.  I laid there talking to God about our family and how thankful I am for all the precious babies we have.  Each one of our children came to us as infants with Ian being only 13 days old, Gavin was only 2 months old and Flora was 10 months old.  In the domestic would of foster adoption, according to our social workers, "that just doesn't happen".  Thus our being even more thankful.  But in my thankfulness and planning ahead for our possible adoptions by putting away all the baby paraphernalia that Ian has out grown, taking down the extra crib we always kept up and trying to figure out whether to have a yard sale or . . . what, I remember thinking "God, I sure am ready for another baby."  I told no one else, didn't even speak it out loud, but I know He heard me.  Now for today's phone call.

Our agent said that she got an email from their California office last night regarding a baby which was born this past Sunday.  He's Hispanic, weighed 5'7oz and has a special need not unlike the one our precious Mariana was diagnosed with and one that another child of mine was diagnosed with.  His back ground is much the same as our three children and two of my older children so nothing new there.  She said when she got the email we came to mind, and all last night and this morning she could not stop thinking about us being his parents.  She asked us to pray.  We have been, and have asked our mother's to pray as well.  All of us are not alarmed with his special needs and feel that it would be a very good thing.  It's still very uncertain, and as usual we are waiting for updated information and next steps.  That's nothing new for adoptions - domestic or international. 

Can I ask you to pray too?  If you've read this far, you're following us on this journey and in a sense going with us.  Please help us pray for him first and foremost.  His doctors, nurses and all those involved in his care need wisdom.  Help us pray that God would surround him with comfort, and calm and with His wonderful presence.  And then help us all pray, the agency and us, for wisdom and God's perfect will in this situation.

Thank you and God bless,


  1. My prayers are always with you and your family. The children that get you for parents are truly blessed.