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For those of you who followed our last two international adoption journeys, you're familiar with Reeces Rainbow (RR). For those of you who are just starting out on this journey, let me tell you that we are excited to once again have a family sponsorship page (FSP) through this not for profit ministry for children with special needs! When we first were matched with Clara and Hunter, we did not know that Hunter had special needs and therefore had not set up a RR account. Now that we know more about his needs, WE HAVE AN FSP, and it just went live today!

All proceeds donated to our adoption grant through RR are tax deductible and go towards the children's adoption costs. If donations are made via paypal, paypal charges a 3% fee. You can make donations via the button on the side bar or the link below:

If donations are made by check, 100% of the donation comes to us. Checks should be made payable to and mailed to:
Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 277 
Monrovia, MD 21770

Where we are on this journey

Our home study is final, and plane tickets have been bought.  I leave for Africa October 5th for our 1st of three trips.

Financial Transparency

For transparency sake, I'm going to list the costs below with those which have been paid in green.

Fee Schedule (for one child)
  • Application Fee $350
  • Step One Payment $5,025
  • Step Two Payment $5,375
  • Step Three Payment $5,375
  • Step Four Payment $5,375
  • Additional Child – Sibling Cost (full biological sibling) $5,000 
Additional Expenses (These are not covered in the Program Country Fees, and should be considered)
  • Home Study - $650
  • I‐600a Filing $720 + $85 per adult 
  • Child Sponsorship $100 a month per child (on going costs until we bring the children home)
  • Airline Tickets $1,400 ‐ $2,500 per ticket (1st trip purchased at $1400)
  • In Country Travel Costs $165 a day
  • Visa and Passport costs Est. $250 per adult 
  • Visa and passport costs for children (not yet sure of $$)
  • Medical exam for children
  • Post Placement Reports - $900

All told that's approximately $43,000 to bring the children home.  Adoption is expensive and on top of the costs, there are mounds of paper work, months of waiting, many hours behind the scenes making arrangements and much time spent on ones knees in prayer.  Adoption definitely is NOT for cowards!  

Thanks for helping us rescue these precious children and make them a part of our family!

Many Blessings,

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